Q. What age groups do you have at Odyssey?
A. We provide development and training opportunities to both boys and girls aged 5 – 18 years old.

Q. When are your tryouts?
A. We don’t have tryouts. Players are welcome to come and train with us anytime and we will evaluate them and place them into appropriate training environments.

Q. Will my child be on a team and play games?
A. Yes, we provide game opportunities to all players in our program that want to participate in games. Where we place them depends on their readiness. We always look to provide players with opportunities which meet their progressive and developmental needs.

Q. What level of competition during games will my child face?
A. We will always aim to have the level of competition commensurate to each player’s developmental needs. Therefore, at Odyssey we work hard finding the right type of competitiveness for your child. For example, we put teams in local indoor and outdoor leagues, and we have also built an excellent relationship with NY Soccer Central who help provide Odyssey players with high levels of competition in events such as the State Cup Championships, Tournaments, and College Showcases. To learn more please contact our Directors.

Q. What type of commitment does my child have to make?
A. Although many players at Odyssey train all year round, we have our program set up so that the year is split into four sessions. Session 1 (Fall to Winter), Session 2 (Winter to Spring), Session 3 (Spring to Summer), and Session 4 (Summer to Fall). Each session provides 10 weeks of training. The Maximum commitment any player needs to make is one session.

Q. How many times a week can my child attend a training practice during a session?
A.  Families can decide how many Odyssey training days per week they would like to attend. Many players train twice a week and play in games, so that is 3 days a week they attend the Odyssey Academy. If players want to do more, then we encourage them to attend training sessions with NY Soccer Central as we share the same philosophy on soccer development. Please check our Training Calendar for more information on which days we practice.

Q. Can we still sign up for a session if we missed the first training practice of the first few weeks of practice?
A.  Yes, Players can start at any point during a session. We are flexible and try to work with your schedule.

Q. Does Odyssey enter teams in tournaments year-round?
A. We will have a number of beneficial and enjoyable options for players to participate in tournaments. However, you will not be required to make the commitment of constantly registering your child into tournaments throughout the year. We are very selective when it comes to tournaments – any event Odyssey enters must enhance the developmental experiences for our players. Unfortunately, many tournaments are often counterproductive for development and involve huge sacrifices (from the time, financial, and emotional perspectives). Many leading figures in the sport – and developmental experts – have voiced concern about the way many tournaments are organized and promoted in this country. Information related to which tournaments we will participate in will be announced via email and displayed on our website.

Q. What financial commitment do I need to make?
A. At Odyssey you only pay for the training activity you choose to participate in during that particular session. We don’t ‘lock’ you in with huge financial burdens or yearly contracts.

Q. My child currently plays for another club. Can they train with Odyssey and play for their current team at the same time?
A. Yes. Odyssey focuses on individual player development. Many players who are looking to improve their game train with Odyssey so that they receive the individual attention. This is especially the case when a large percentage of their team practices with their community club or another organization focuses primarily on the team and team tactics.

Q. Are Odyssey coaches certified?
A. Yes. All of our coaches are certified and collectively harbor a fantastic array of experiences, skills, insight, and knowledge. Many of our coaching staff work at the college level and have worked with leading professional academies in Europe.

Q. How can I find out more about your philosophy and training curriculum?
A. The book ‘Coaching Outside the Box: Changing the Mindset of Youth Soccer’ discusses in detail the Odyssey philosophy and our training curriculum. This book can be purchased on Amazon.com and provides excellent insight into modern methods of youth soccer development.